Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Arthropet  review
(Image Me & Moo)

If you have a dog with joints issues
or want to reassure to prevent joints problem
in the future this post is for you.

Arthropet contain 60 wafers

Disclaimer: I receive this Arthropet Collagen Pet Rescue by
Neocell for the intention of this review.
My words are solely my own due to my experience giving
the tablet to my Pup Moo.
The fact of getting the Arthropet did not change how I feel about it.
All website link and product its own by 
To learn more click here
I cannot be held responsible for NEOCELL Products.
Consult with your pup veterinarian before giving (Arthropet)
 tablets or start a regimen with your dog.

Let's start by me telling you about my pup Moo
he is 14 years old full breed long hair chihuahua.,
Who in the past year started walking funny and whining
when he walks or move it was becoming very
difficult for my pup.
Who new he will suffer just doing what he knows
as simple as moving.
He was putting pressure
 in his two front paws to get around and that was not good.
I took him to several different veterinarians
who give the same medication
and advice to make sure he does
not strain himself and to reduce his activities
like walking and playing.

I said to myself how can I manage that when
I also have a female pup who he enjoys to play with.
Well long and behold I did restrain him from too
much activities it was not easy to do.
Keep in mind he whines at all time
with any activities due to his pain on his joints.

When NEOCELL brought to my attention
if I like to try ARTHROPET on my pet for review
and explain in detail what's is for,
I got excited to try something new on my pup especially if is
natural and for strong joints.
 Why not!! give it a try on Moo and see if this will help.
Sometimes you come across to a great brand
who focus on the direct issue of the problem
when creating a product.
that contain natural ingredients
Artificial Flavor
the best GLUTEN FREE

Their was no reason not to take a chance
in helping my pup MOO improve his joints.

I gave him one wafer tablet in the morning
before giving him anything to eat waited 20 minutes
as suggested before feeding him anything.
Moo weigh 8 1/2 pounds so is require to give only one tablet but
if you have a dog who weighs 50 lbs or higher
you need to give two tablets.


I was consisted from the day I received it
a total of a full week.
On the fourth day I saw plenty of progress
the number one was no more whining while
walking or getting off his doggie bed.
He still walks funny but he has not complain.
His personality started to shine again
and playful he give kisses moves
side to side with excitement.
To you guys
it might not be a big deal
to a Pet Parent like me
who see her pet in agony pain
his a Success.
Who want to see their dog in pain.
He is not just a dog he is Family.

So to all the Pet Parents who has a pup
with agony joint pain I will highly
recommend to try
Arthropet Collagen Pet Rescue
its also great for Healthy Skin
Collagen Type 2 + CMO + MSM
 How can you go wrong with
natural ingredients that could
benefit your dogs health.

Every Morning Moo looks Forward
now for his ArthroPet Wafer by Neocell

The face he makes when he wants something
in this case Arthropet Wafers by Neocell

We play a game of hide and he Seek

I know he found it when his tongue its out
like he still savory it. (I guess that means it taste delicious lol)

He is so content and happy lately
since he got on Arthropet Regimen

Moo will like to thank
NeoCell for Arthropet
very appreciated in how
he feels about the product.
 I cannot guarantee it will work as
well as it did for my pup with yours.
You need to try it to find out.
Disclaimer: Consult with your Dog Vet

 Hey We Both Thank
Neocell for 
introducing to us 
Arthropet a must have
in my home now.

Here is where you could get your hands
to a great start on your dog health
Arthro Pet Wafers

Ladies and Gentleman did you found this Arthropet review helpful?

Monday, December 11, 2017


I received this free package
from Influenster , Dermablend, Skinceuticals for the purpose of review
Thank you Influenster

Disclaimer: I receive these products from
Influenster for the intention of this review and social media review.
My words are solely my own due to my experience
with Dermablend SKinceuticals products
The fact of getting the product did not change how I feel about it.
All website link and product its own by 
I cannot be held responsible for Dermablend SKinceuticals Products

I got two sample SkinsCeuticals The Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2
and SkinCeuticals H.A. Intesifier 
Full Size
Multi Purpose Foundation
Flawless Creator
by Dermablend
You See Here

You start by applying This
SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier
which give firmness, Smoothess
and hydrate your skin
Use twice a day

You follow by this moisturizer
SkinCeutical Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2
Anti-aging Treatment
Give Fullness, Texture and Radiance
Use twice a day

If going out follow this multi use
Flawless Creator Foundation
which you could use to custom foundation finish
or add to your moisturizer
It gives full coverage no joke
and blend flawlessly 

If you could get your hand on any of these
products I highly recommend
You could find here

Ladies will you consider any of these products or had you  already try these products?
share below.

Friday, December 8, 2017


There are so many types of tuna fish
in the market but some brand do stand out
in this case Blue Harbor Wild Albacore 
got my attention to try out.

Here is information where they
caught albacore from the South Pacific
Dolphin Safe
Gluten Free
Soy Free
No Gmo's

Look how fresh!

 I created a simple
Italian Tuna Salad
Lets just said this Tuna is a keeper
If you like to try this tuna 
check your market see if you could find the tuna,
also check Blue Harbor website
for more recipe

They are also in social media

Here is my recipe:
Blue Harbor Wild Albacore Tuna Italian Salad

1 Cup of Orzo Pasta Drain(Barilla Brand)
(cook following the package direction)
1/4 Cup Cherry Tomatoes Dice
1 Cup Quarter Can Artichokes Drain 
1 Shallot dice
1/4 cup Black Olive Cut in Halves
1/4 Teaspoon Zest of a Fresh Lemon
Teaspoon of Salt and Pepper (Season to taste)

Place all above ingredients in a bowl Pour
The below Dressing Mix well and serve
Hot, Cold or room temperature.

1/2 of a whole lemon freshly Squeeze
1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon parsley
1 Teaspoon of each Salt and Pepper
Mix Well



Wednesday, December 6, 2017



GO BACK IN TIME OF VICTORIAN COLLARS by beautify11 featuring a fitted blouse

You see it around Victorian Collars are back
so all depending if you want to sport in dress
all any type blouse you see here.

Ladies do you like to go Back In Time of Victorian Collars?

Dsquared2 stand collar shirt
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Sonia Rykiel fitted blouse

Isabel Marant ruched shirt
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Isabel Marant ruched shirt
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Monday, December 4, 2017


(all images belong to Beautify JH)

Disclaimer: I receive this supplements Ceramides Skin Hydrator by
Neocell for the intention of this review.
My words are solely my own due to my experience
with the supplements.
The fact of getting the product did not change how I feel about it.
All website link and product its own by 
To learn more click here
I cannot be held responsible for NEOCELL Products.


Number One in AMERICA
Collagen Brand
The main focus and commitment for Neocell its
Collagen they been doing for over two decades
and continue by creating products
that will help us get radiant skin and total body wellness
They always reinventing.
Detail information on their website
with different products
I bet you will find something
you will like to try

You Take (2) Capsules Daily
I been taking 2 capsules a day as instructed
for the past 7 days and I must said even though
it state clearly on the box results start in just 15 days
I had been seeing on my skin a smoother texture
and a glow.
I know what you thinking by skin look glowing!
but like I always stated on my blog beauty
start from the inside and Neocell feels the same,
beside eating healthy, sleeping right, and exercising 
adding supplements will boost you to increase
and promotes better skin when you feel healthy
you look healthy.

Do you agree ladies adding a healthy supplement 
will give you a step to the right direction
in taking care of your inside as well as your outside.

This supplement promise a solution for
healthy skin hydration, elasticity and cellular
turnover for glowing skin

Ceramides are specific lipids 
naturally present in the skin
its a moisture barrier.
It increase smoothness, moisture and elasticity
starting in just 15 days.

The Hyaluronic Acid
Its a nutrients that is naturally occurring in the skin
to help maintain suppleness.

The Skin Hydrablend 
support hydration combating
free radicals in the body
to support your collagen systems. 

This fact its so true

 Jackie Experience 
with the Supplement
By Neocell Ceramides Skin Hydrator

1- Smoother Skin
2- A boost of Hydration
3- Glow
4- I also been feeling more energetic
5- Could take supplement any time of the day convenient
you wont miss a day does not give a specific time to take it.

I also like
 That its Gluten Free Non GMO
You get 60 Capsules 
I highly recommend

I also receive as a gift no purpose for review
but I needed to share
I have to tell the ladies who does not like
taking capsules this is for you and for 
the woman who is looking for
better Hair, Skin and Nails
Beauty Chew
makes it fast and convenient
to get it.

Hair, Skin, & Nails Beauty Chew
Dietary Supplement 30 Soft Chews
Flavor Berry Medley
I have to say delish

It comes in a seal package after you open box
Individual Packaging
 1 Chewable A Day

A delish burst in the mouth of berries
Berry Medley flavor

You take one chew a day
Biotin (5,000 MCG )
Support healthy luxurious hair and promotes natural energy
BioActive Neocell Collagen
Lab tested for potency & purity
Hyaluronic Acid
Promotes skin re-hydration
Vitamin C
Supports Collagen formation in the skin
Antioxidant support against free radicals
Gluten Free
Ladies this should be enough to consider in giving it a try

I really like the taste of the chewable and knowing
I'm eating and getting the benefit for my skin, hair and nails is a plus
I like these chewable and will add it to my everyday supplement
as well as the Ceramides Skin Hydrator
If you want to try it out they
are available at

Bed Bath & Beyond
Sams Club

Keep in mind what work for one might not work for all
also if you have medical issues
Consult with your doctors before taking any supplements.

I'm glad to be able to have the opportunity
in trying both supplements and 
I do highly recommend due
to my experience in seeing a difference on my skin and hair.
To short of a time to see results on nails but will keep
you updated on my IG STORY.

Its nice to know their is a brand that
stand behind their name producing natural 
products that give the right result,
we all want radiant healthy skin
and shiny lustrous hair
also benefit to get strong nails.

Ladies will you consider in trying these products mention here
or any other on their website? 

Friday, December 1, 2017


This delicious dish its perfect
if looking for satisfy meal
with a light taste this recipe its for you.


This are the ingredients to put together this delicious dish.


1 pound of dry spaghetti (Barilla)
1 garlic peeled and chopped
1 cup of white bottom mushroom slice
5 leaves of sage
1 cup of cherry tomatoes cut in halves
1 teaspoon of lemon zest
Juice of one lemon
4 Tablespoon of Specialty Olive oil (recipe will follow
or you could use Virgin olive oil
1 Tablespoon grated parmesan (to garnish optional)

Specialty Olive Oil I name it Oregano Chili
4 Cups of extra virgin olive oil
2 Tablespoon red crushed pepper
2 Tablespoon of oregano
Place in a glass bottle or squeezable mix and use in any
recipe you want to add a kick to.

Cook spaghetti in a pasta pot of boiling salted water
2-3 Tablespoon of Sea Salt for 6 quarts of water
Cook until barley al dente
In a large pan add the 2 Tablespoon of specialty olive oil
sauteed garlic until fragrance remove add sage
cook for 2-3 min remove add the additional
2 Tablespoon of specialty olive oil add mushroom
cook for 2 minutes add cherry tomatoes
cook for 2 minutes 
Place drain cook spaghetti in a plate
 1/4 cup of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of lemon zest
stir well  add 
salt and pepper to taste
Pour over the cook veggies and cook sage.
Finish it off with grated Parmesan (optional)


Specialty Oil

The Juice of One Lemon

5 Leafs of Sage

1 Cup of Slice White Bottom Mushroom

1 Cup of Cherry Tomatoes Cut In Halves

Specialty Olive Oil
Oregano, Chili

 Finish Results

Top it with Grated Parmesan


Always Beautify Your Plate!!!